I don’t know about you, but one of the biggest challenges I face being a worship leader is finding new music. Of course, if new was the only criterion there wouldn’t be any problem, but we have stylistic, theological, song quality, singability, and technichal ability criteria to work into the equation as well. I’ve done a lot of research to see how other worship leaders find new songs, and haven’t really found that much out there. It seems that, unless you have an unlimited amount of time and an unlimited iTunes giftcard, finding the best worship songs for our church is something that only the rich can afford.

So, I thought I’d share with you some of the new songs that people are really liking at our church. They might not always be brand new, but they’re new to us.

  • Revelation Song – Jennie Riddle. This is definitely at the top of our favorite new songs list. We did this song just this past weekend and it seems to have connect with people in a very powerful way. It has a lot of open space in the song, between and in the middle of phrases which some might like and some might not like, so far, I haven’t heard anyone who doesn’t like the song.
  • Beautiful the Blood – Steve Fee. This too is a great song. The phraseology of the title line is very creative in and of itself. It has a great, driving prechorus (channel to some of you) that builds you up quite a bit and then you find all the relief you need in the chorus. It also has a very strong ending.
  • Speak to Me – Tommy Walker. If you’re looking for a good song to help prepare people’s hearts right before the sermon, or if your doing a scripture reading, or talking about listening to the voice of God, etc. this is a great song for that. It’s got that great Tommy Walker feel to it, it’s especially great for piano driven worship, or churches looking for songs that are contemporary, but not too contemporary.

One question I’d like to pose to you is, How often to you introduce new worship songs? How often do you think is acceptable to introduce a new worship song?

I hope this helps you in your search for the worship songs that will help you and your congregation worship at the feet of our Savior!