So, I’m not really a Mac guy. I have a hard time rationalizing spending ,000 on a computer I could get for 0. And even though PC’s have gotten a bad name lately, I still think they are the best decision for most people. They’re the most commonly accepted platform – worldwide, there are many more companies that offer complete support for them, and most people can afford one. I don’t think Mac’s are more stable than PC’s, my Mac has crashed many times, My PC has crashed too, but when it crashes I can trace it back to a component on the computer that has gone bad, that I bought for cheap. When my Mac crashes I can’t do that. The Mac is supposed to have all great components, made by mac (According to one of their recent commercials) so they’re higher quality. I’m not convinced. My mac will crash at random times, and I lose information, just like I would on a PC.

However, I’m really starting to like Garage band on my mac. I used it today to make some practice CD’s for our choir, and it’s growing increasingly easy. I just drop a recording into Garage Band from my hard drive or iTunes, then with my M-audio Radium 49 – which you can get on ebay for 50 bucks – I play the Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass parts. After I play them into garage band, I mute all tracks except for the part I want to highlight, and the master recording, export the song to disk, and I’m done. It’s a pretty fast way to make practice CD’s, I did one song in a little over an hour – which is something that used to take me a few hours.

So, I’m starting to like garage band. However, the more I think about the things that I like about the Mac, most of them are things I can buy for a PC – and still have money left over in comparison. So, I’m not sure which I like better. Let’s just say, if someone gave me a Mac, I probably wouldn’t throw it away.