Sometimes the absence of a “critical” component to the worship band can enhance the worship experience.

We had a couple in our church lead worship this weekend. It was their first weekend leading at our church, and I really wanted to make sure it was a great experience for them, so I was trying to make sure everything was in place, and it just sop happened that this was the weekend that everyone couldn’t participate. We ended up without a drummer or electric guitarist. I was a little nervous.

This couple have led worship before for another church, and have sung together for many years. They did a phenomenal job! The worship had a very cool, acoustic vibe to it, and the congregation responded extraordinarily well to their leadership. It seems to have been a success for this couple and for our church.

This just goes to show you that God had a different plan for this weekend that was different than ours. Had our plan succeeded things would have probably been fine, but likely not as good as this. The connection with our congregation might not have been as strong, and the feeling may not have been as good as it is.

God new the plans he had for our congregation, and they are the plans that will lead our congregation into the future.